Iittala's Altered Landscapes

Below is a serie of photos I took of my hometown Iittala in Finland.

This small village is also home to the finnish biggest design brand.

I played around with images of the neighborhood, influenced by the new topographic movement, 

 and inserted various out of scale design pieces, all from the factory's catalog,

to show something different from the clean scandinavian style you usually get from design brands.

The images are a mix of photos and 3D graphics, there are couple of behind the scene images showing the process,

as well as an image of the original catalog pieces here.

The Toikka bird as a derelict amusement park.

The Aalto vase (designed by Alvar Aalto) as an office building

The Ruutu vase (designed by the Bouroullec brothers) as a giant greenhouse.

The Leimu lamp (designed by Magnus Pettersen) as a mixed use building.

The Aalto vase again as a retail space.

The Ultima Thule glass (designed by Tapio Wirkkala) as a power plant.

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